Fire safety
Thousands of people die in fire accidents every year in most of countries. To improve the protection of family fire is something that everyone should be highly involved in. Comprehensive fire protection is the fundamental measure to protect the life and property of people. Zimione provides a full range of household smoke alarm solutions, products are far higher than the requirements of the world's stringent fire standards, protection is more comprehensive, faster and more reliable!
Intelligent electrical products
Zimione integrates the latest digital circuit, wireless communication, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other new technologies with traditional low-voltage electrical products, providing a full range of intelligent low-voltage electrical products, defining the new product form of new low-voltage electrical appliances in the era of Internet of things. The intelligent electrical products of Zimione are adopted by engineering, solution and system providers, which can easily realize the application scenarios of Internet of things such as smart city, smart building and smart office.

Smart of House, home and office
Zimione provides a full range of smart home products based on the third-party open platform. Smart home operators, smart decoration contractors and smart home hardware vendors can provide different levels of smart home and smart office solutions for consumers.
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